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Package Brazil AI - Part 1 Central for Package Brazil AI - Part 1 Central for P3D

This is the P3Dv5 version of Part 1 of the project to depict as much as possible of Brazilian military aviation. It contains AI aircraft, repaints, sceneries and traffic files. Based around John Young's KC-390 and military EMB-145 derivatives, it covers Anapolis, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Santos Dumont and Afonsos airfields, plus a couple of local airfields to help distribute traffic. Note that MAIW doesn't yet have a category for P3Dv5-specific downloads, so I apologise that it's presented as apparently P3Dv4-compatible. It is not. For P3Dv4 and earlier, you may find that the FSX package works better.
Created 25 June 2024
Version V.1.0
Size 209.38 MB
Compatibility P3Dv4
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Downloads 72
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)