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French Mirage 2000 Part 5 HOT

This package, from Military AI Works, is one of a series of packages depicting the Dassault Mirage 2000 aircraft in service with the French Armee de l’air. The Mirage 2000s of the French Air Force have been in service since 1982 and have seen combat operations in the Gulf, Bosnia and Afghanistan. This package features the Mirage 2000Ns of EC01.004 and EC02.004 based at BA 116 Luxeuil-St Sauveur  (LFSX) in Eastern France.

Created 23 August 2015
Changed 20 January 2016
Version 1.0
Author Nick Black
Compatibility FS9
Size 16.65 MB
Downloads 2,480
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)