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Spanish Navy Harriers HOT

This freeware AI Package by Military AI Works features the Harriers of the Spanish Navy (Armada Espana) based atRota AB (LERT) in southern Spain. The Spanish Navy use the AV8B, AV8B+ and TAV8B versions of the Harrier and have done since 1987 when they replaced the previous AV-8S models, which were subsequently sold on to Thailand. The Spanish Harriers are operated by one squadron, 9 Escaudrilla at Rota. They can also be deployed to the Spanish Navy’s aircraft carrier the Principe de Austrias.

Created 23 August 2015
Changed 20 January 2016
Version 1.0
Author Nick Black
Compatibility FS9
Size 4.11 MB
Downloads 1,839
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)