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Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Grob Tutors HOT

This package, in conjunction with Military AI Works, depicts the Grob Tutor aircraft of the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. The Grob Tutor G115E is used by the Royal Air Force as an elementary flying training aircraft for brand new pilots, as well as trainee pilots flying with the University Air Squadrons whilst they are studying, and is also used to give Air Cadets as young as 14 years old their first taste of powered flight as part of the Air Experience Flights. The Tutors are owned and Operated by VT Aerospace who provide the aircraft and ground crews to the RAF and RN as a contractor. The training and experience flights are given by either currently serving RAF fighter pilots, or Reservists, or retired RAF pilots in their spare time.

Created 24 August 2015
Changed 20 January 2016
Version 1.0
Author Nick Black / George Gaviidae
Compatibility FS9
Size 45.78 MB
Downloads 2,691
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)