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  • Compatibility: FS9

USAF T-37 T USAF T-37 Tweet HOT

This freeware AI package contains the latest AI model release by Pascal Suls, the venerable T-37 Tweet. This frame rate friendly model has 9 LOD’s and many eye-pleasing features!  This all in one package includes flight plans for more than 140 aircraft from three USAF bases: Columbus AFB, MS, Randolph AFB, TX and Sheppard AFB, TX.  Everything you need to get started is in this package: Afcads for Columbus, Randolph and Sheppard AFB; complete AI model of the T-37 Tweet, realistic call signs and fictional flight plans!

Created 29 August 2015
Version 1.0
Size 1.47 MB
Compatibility FS9
Author Danny Martinez
Downloads 2,089
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)