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NAS Corpus Christi HOT

This freeware AI package, produced by Military AI Works, brings to life the NAS Corpus Christi in FS2004.  NAS Corpus Christi is located along the Southeastern coast of Texas and is host to several military and civilian flying organizations including the US Navy’s Training Air Wing 4 and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection P-3 Orion airwing.  Training Air Wing 4 is the U.S. Military’s primary multi-engine training organization and trains student pilots from the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force as well as foreign students in all phases of primary and advanced multi-engine training.  The U.S. Customs and Border Protection P-3 Surveillance Wing is the only civilian operator of airborne and early warning aircraft in the United States.  This package includes paints, AFCADs and custom callsigns for each depicted unit.

Created 29 August 2015
Changed 20 January 2016
Version 1.0
Author Desmond Burrell
Compatibility FS9
Size 20 MB
Downloads 2,670