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AI Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker - Speckled Trout (MGAI/MAIW) HOT

This is the refueling version of the KC-135R model. This is the complete model, texture and special refueling FDE. You can insert the model file and texture into any MAIW_MGAI_KC-135R_Refueling aircraft model folder to save space. The model will display the refueling animations between FL200-FL240 as long as the aircraft is in level flight.

Model by: MAIW Development Team members
Texture by: Mark Walsh
FDE by: Michael MacIntyre

Fresh out of a major overhaul this past spring and sporting a new paint job and new external lumps and bumps as well! This is a special one off NKC-135R model that uses the refueling FDE. Please make sure you are using it in the refueling model folder like the other refueling capable KC-135R models.

Created 01 September 2015
Changed 09 November 2015
Version 2.0
Author MAIW / Mike Guenthner
Compatibility FS9
Size 1.08 MB
Downloads 731
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)