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AI Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker - French AF (MGAI/MAIW) HOT

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Stand alone release of all 15 French KC-135FR Stratotankers

Note: These are the animated refueling versions of the model, the only difference is that they will fly slower in cruise to allow you to refuel behind it with a flyable aircraft. Refueling animations are present when the model is between 20,000 and 24.000 feet while in level flight.

Model by MAIW Development Team
Textures by Mark Walsh
Flight Dynamics by Mike MacIntyre

Created 01 September 2015
Changed 09 November 2015
Version 1.0
Author MAIW / Mike Guenthner
Compatibility FS9
Size 5.5 MB
Downloads 781
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)