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Repaint Fokker F27 - Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Fokker 27's from the Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu). You will need the Fokker 27mk100 and Fokker 27mk200 models from Christian Pagé. Used as transport and maritime reconnaissance. The 12 transports where based at Soesterberg AB (EHSB) and later at Eindhoven AB (EHEH). The 2 maritime aircraft where stationed at Hato,Curaçao (TNCC) There have been many different schemes for this aircraft during the years, I made a selection for this project. C1, C2 and C3 still have the original short nose, C1 was used as VIP Aircraft. C5 has a grey camo paint as in its final years. C8 and C10 have special demo colours, used at many airshows in Europe with the Fokker Display. C7 is in white colour, as when it was deployed for United Nations missions. M-1 and M-2 are the maritime aircraft, there is no model with wingtanks, so will use the mark 200/300 model without tanks.

Created 01 June 2020
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