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AI Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star - Western Europe Air Forces 1970s P3D v4/v5 (HSAI)

This AI package covers a selection of T-33A and CT-133 jet trainers from units which were active in Western Europe during the 1970’s plus civilian CT-133 G-TBRD as it was based at Duxford in 2006, the year it sadly crashed. Included are 4 model configurations and 55 paints. No scenery or flight plans are included. A separate package is available for FSX and P3Dv1-v3.

Update V.1.1 - Fixed airbrake animation

Created 17 January 2022
Changed 18 January 2022
Version V.1.1
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Compatibility P3Dv4
Size 34.25 MB
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License Freeware (Limited Distribution)