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Scenery EGOV RAF Valley MSPG Simulations P3Dv4 2019 - United Kingdom HOT

Royal Air Force Station Valley or more simply RAF Valley, is a Royal Air Force station on the island of Anglesey, Wales, and which is also used as Anglesey Airport. It provides advanced fast-jet training using the Hawk T2 of both IV (R) Sqn and 25 (F) Sqn. BFJT will arrive shortly with the new RAF T6 Texan II, taking over from the Tuncao T1. SARTU is carried out at the base, with the newly delivered Jupiter HT1, taking over from the Griffin HT1. The scenery models the best as currently as we can, NEW Hawk T1 Gate guard, New 202 Sqn/SARTU Ops building and the latest AFCAD as per the 2017 structure update. The scenery has been made using P3D v4, however it may still work in P3D v3, but only v4 can be supported at the moment. We will try to update Valley as much as well can. Any ideas either PM myself, contact on the forum section or contact us via Facebook.

Created 02 January 2019
Changed 10 January 2019
Version 2.3
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Compatibility P3Dv4
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