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Scenery OETB Tabuk Airport / King Faisal Air Base - Saudi Arabia

This is a package of Tabuk Regional Airport/ King Faisal Air Base (OETB). ​An international and public airport in ​Tabuk​, ​Saudi Arabia​. Despite being an international airport, it only serves a few foreign destinations. There are plans to increase the number of international destinations to other neighboring countries. The airport has a single ​terminal​ building which uses air bridges for planes to disembark and load passengers. The airport was named after the late minister of Defence and crown prince ​Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz​. The military side of OETB is rather busy, being the home of basic and advanced fast jet training utilizing the BAE Hawk MK65 and now the MK165, there are around 50 sorties a day flown by 21 and 79 Squadron. The Royal Saudi Air Force Aerobatic Display Team is also based here (88 Squadron). The only fighter unit based at OETB is number 2 Squadron that operate the F-15C/D and is responsible for the protection of the North West part of the Kingdom, this was previously a responsibility shared with 29 Squadron that operated the Tornado ADV but they have since been withdrawn from service. Exercises often take place with visiting air force’s from across the Gulf and beyond. The air base is constantly evolving adding more shelters for aircraft.

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