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Scenery Jetmax Sceneries Vol. 1 - Various US AF & Army Fields

This is the authorised amended version of work by Scott 'jetmax' Jones released back in 2012.. His original pack was each scenery split into two files afcads and objects so that users can altering parking spots in ADE without losing scenery. Scenery list :- KAPN KCRW KEFD KFOK KFSM KFTK KGPT KGTB (w/ NY ANG Pred Ramp) KGTF KINS KJAN KMEM KMRB KNFW KNTD KOQU KSDF KTUL Included text file indicates which libs are required.

Created 20 April 2020
Changed 23 April 2020
Version V.1.0
Author Steve Holland
Compatibility FS9
Size 204.62 KB
Downloads 274
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)