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Scenery - Simple sceneries of hard to find air bases, pt.1: Retro European

On stock runways or from scratch. Bulgaria: Heli overlay for LBPD Krumovo/Plovdiv , LBSZ Stara Zagora + heli overlay. Poland: PL68 Krzywa, PL71 Szprotawa, EPCH Czestochowa-Rudnikiern. Hungary: LHDC Debrecen. Czechoslovakia: LKZC Žatec. Belgium: EBST St. Truiden, Limburg. Sweden: ESFH Hasslösa, ESFI Knislinge, ESFM Moholm, ESFU Urasa,Växjö, ESFY Byholma, ESKA Gimo, ESMV Hagshult, ESNF Färila, ESNI Kubbe, ESPG Boden, ESPJ Heden,Boden, ESSF Hultsfred-Vimmerby, ESUA Åmsele, ESUD Gunnarn/Storuman. France: LFSL Toul-Rosières. West Germany: EDUG Gatow, Berlin. Not tested in FSX. Not for FS9 (yet). See my introductory note on the forum -

Created 04 June 2022
Changed 12 June 2022
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