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Scenery - Supplementaty air bases for Pt.3 East Asia

On stock runways or from scratch. Taiwan: Z28X(RCLM) Dongsha, Pratas Island so tried to add the lagoon myself. China: Paozhuwan (replacement for ZHWT Hankou Wangjiadun which closed 1995). The remainder are Chinese air bases & manufacturing sites with fictional ICAO codes: Datun, Fuxin(new), Guangzhou East, Jingdezhen Heli, Shijiazhuang Luancheng, Luhe/Ma'an, Qihe, Shuang Yu Shu, Shuangcheng, Wanggang, Xiangyun, Xi'an Yanliang, Nanchang Yaohu, Zhouzhou, Zibo. Not tested in FSX. Not for FS9 (yet). See my introductory note on the forum -

Created 09 July 2022
Changed 31 July 2022
Version 1.0b
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