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Package ETUH Riege and ETUS Senne-Range - Germany RAF Harrier Hides HOT

Two areas of field operation airfields as used by the Harriers doing VTOL manoeuvres those days in the 80s.

These sceneries include highly detailed objects and lots of tweaked models.

This package comes with seasonal textures and VTOL Harrier AI aircraft models by John Young, including appropriate traffic files.

Please read the included manual carefully to bring the sceneries alive.

By Manfred Schyma and Michael Lennig

Update 1.1: Replaced an erratically added and used texture

Created 16 April 2017
Changed 23 April 2017
Version 1.1
Author Manfred Schyma & Michael Lennig
Compatibility FS9
Size 161.05 MB
Downloads 1,019
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)