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Package Kawasaki BK117 Japanese Emergency Services V1.5 HOT

The BK117 helicopter was developed as a joint venture between Kawasaki and Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm. Kawasaki designed the airframe and structural components while MBB developed the rotor system which was a development of Rigid Rotor System from the Bo 105. The first prototypes flew in 1979. In the late 1990s, Kawasaki and BMMs successor, Eurocopter, began producing an upgraded version designated the BK117 C-2. The new helicopter, branded EC145 outside of Japan, had a longer range, higher payload and larger cabin than previous models. The EC145 was selected in 2006 the be the US Army's new light utility helicopter, designated as UH-72. V 1.5 of this package contains native FS9 and FSX paints, flight plans, and scenery to bring to life twenty seven BK117 C-2 and a single BK117 D-2 that fly for either police forces, fire departments, disaster control agencies or in emergency medical roles in Japan. Honda Airport has also been added to the sceneries

Created 02 September 2018
Changed 03 September 2018
Version 1.5
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