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Package Boeing KC-46A Pegasus & co-located MPAI KC-135R Stratotanker for FS9 (JYAI)

This AI package features the Boeing KC-46A Pegasus air to air refuelling tanker in use by the United States Air Force. Some 62 examples, we believe, are active at the time of writing, including 15 at the Boeing test facilities. All 62 are included in the packages, 179 aircraft in total are set to be procured by 2027. Updated AFCAD files for existing MAIW USAF bases at Altus, McConnel, Pease and Seymour Johnson, as well as for 3 Boeing airfields, are included. Flight plans for all the aircraft have been made by Steve Phillips. Altus and McConnel AFBs are also the home to residual KC-135R tankers. The MAIW MGAI model can be used to supplement the KC-46A’s and Ray Parker has re-painted the current textures for the serial numbers currently listed in the “Scramble on the Net” database. These are on the original textures by Mark Walsh. In addition C-17 air lifters are also based at Altus and instructions for adding these to the scenery are also included. A separate package is available for FSX/P3D.

Created 18 September 2021
Changed 20 September 2021
Version FS9_1
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Compatibility FS9
Size 33.03 MB
Downloads 209
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)