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Package Aérospatiale Alouette II - FSX/P3D (JYAI)

The Aérospatiale Alouette II is a French light helicopter originally manufactured by Sud Aviation. Several variations appeared over the years and the helicopter was operated by at least 30 countries, which is far too big a project to reproduce here. The subject of this package is therefore limited to the SE 313B, a version of SE 3130, powered by the Turbomeca Artouste IIC5 or IIC6 engine. 10 examples are included of the German Army, at Fritzlar, circa 1987. 4 models are in the package, including rocket-armed versions. The package includes scenery for both FSX and P3D and associated flight plans. 3 sample paints are also included for SE 3130s from France, Belgium and Switzerland. These have been added to the Fritzlar flight plan, as visiting aircraft.

Created 14 November 2023
Changed 15 November 2023
Version FSX_P3D_version 1
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Compatibility FSX/P3Dv4
Size 13.46 MB
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License Freeware (Limited Distribution)