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Dyess AFB Dyess AFB B-1B HOT

In the first part in a two part series, MAIW brings you the Dyess AFB package of the B-1B Lancer package.  This easy to install package features the beautifully constructed B-1B Lancer by Nick Black and Rysiek Winawer.  Also featured are repaints by Mike Pearson recreating most of the aircraft stationed at Dyess AFB, Texas of the 7th Bomb Wing along with callsigns and flightplans, and as a bonus also included are Henry Tomkiewicz’s C-130H’s with callsigns, paints and flightplans depicting the 317th Airlift Group which is also stationed at Dyess AFB.

Created 29 August 2015
Version 2.0
Size 3.8 MB
Compatibility FS9
Author Desmond Burrell
Downloads 3,903
License Freeware (Limited Distribution)