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Repaint Lockheed Martin C-130T - United States Navy V.2.0 (JYAI)

The package replaces the previous “Repaint Lockheed Martin C-130T - United States Navy (JYAI)” download from Brent Newman and John Young, that was produced in August 2019. 27 aircraft are now included from the same US Navy VR-53, VR-54, VR-55, VR-62 and VR-64 squadrons. Even though the previous package is only 2 years old, 3 significant changes have occurred, that have been included in the new package: - The C-130T aircraft, that were represented by JYAI “H” models, have since been fitted with NP2000 8-bladed propellors. - 2 KC-130T tankers have been transferred to from VMGR-452 (US Marine Corps) to VR-64. It is expected that these aircraft will have the in-flight refuelling facilities removed and be repainted in the US Navy colour scheme. It is not known if these aircraft will also be given 8 bladed propellors. - One C-130T-30 aircraft (the stretched variant), represented by the JYAI CC-130H-30 model, is now operated by each of VR-53 and VR-55 The package has folders for FS9 and FSX/P3D. A paint kit for the C-130T and KC-130T has been uploaded in parallel.

Created 27 August 2021
Changed 03 September 2021
Version 2.0
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