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Orbx Freeware AI for OZ

Posted: 11 Jul 2019, 21:44
by Victory103
I was just updating my Orbx FTX Central libraries to include the freeware Australia AI that covers most of the civilian AI traffic. I never noticed until now they have models, paints, and plans for the RAAF, including the converted NBAI Hornets and other models. There is an option for those with MAIW to turn-off the FTX military AI. Since some of the paints are done for the RAAF/RSAF PC-21s, is there anyone on the Matrix team working with Orbx? I'm trying not to have an issue with a later update of the Matrix Oceania Region.

Re: Orbx Freeware AI for OZ

Posted: 12 Jul 2019, 13:21
by Greg
Graham Eccleston, the author of the ORBX traffic packs, is also on our model conversion team. So the models are shared but there are no intentions to integrate the military AI from ORBX AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand into Matrix Oceania at this moment, nor has there ever been any sign from Graham that he would be willing to share his plans and paints with us.

Matrix Oceania is based on the old MAIW packs updated with some 3rd party stuff, but it's still pretty outdated. The ORBX pack might actually be more up-to-date.