xml support needed

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Re: xml support needed

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this is to say that I am going to upload a Diamond DA40 ai model to avsim today (in case someone is interested). Model comes in different variants and should work for FS9, FSX and there will also be a P3D variant.


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Re: xml support needed

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I have no prior knowledge of xml, but I have followed the tutorials and correspondence as best I can in order to add some animations to two of my learning projects. I am currently scratching my head after adding code for:

First model:

1. Making the pilot appear and disappear before and after a flight

Second model:

2. Hover taxi wheeled helicopter, i.e. hover at threshold
3. Hover taxi wheeled helicopter with tilt after take-off

My models compile and fly (in FS9, using FSDS, Windows 10), but they do not respond to the new xml code and I can't locate the error(s). I have referenced the part names correctly, so I think that there is still likely to be a mistake in how I have entered the code, although I can't find it. Would a kind soul be prepared to check for me via PM?

Alternatively, is it possible that Makemdl SDK is for some reason ignoring my additions?

Thanks hopefully,

Jon G

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Re: xml support needed

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I can check the code for you Jon if you PM it to me. Also let me know what each key frame setting does for the animated parts. Also for the Hover Taxi and VTOL departure, which parts are linked to what?


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