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Discussion, tutorials,hints and tips relating to designing military ai aircraft.
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Good source of UK serial numbers

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Found this site on another forum may be of use.

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Re: Resources for Modelling

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Anything you ever wanted to know about the F-16

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Superbuggz wrote:
Bell 209 wrote:Don't forget this site:

Quite a number of links on the FFDS modeling no longer work.
Does anyone know where I can find an easy to follow tutorial "FSDS for dummies" as I am a total rookie and would like to learn from scratch..
The correct link is, not . We changed it years ago when emphasis shifted to the forum. FFDS was the brain child of several folks (myself included) many years ago. Sadly most of the linked stuff is now quite dated but the forum in moderated and is a great source of help and info.

As far a FSDS for Dummies there is some stuff "right here in River City" (hopefully that reference isn't lost on anyone). Have a look here: ... index.html

Frank Safranek

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