For all us stubborn people still using FSDS

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For all us stubborn people still using FSDS

Post by Weescotty » 04 Aug 2019, 23:21

Little glitch when using Ambient or NonRandomAmbient tags to replace Tick18 animations for FSX / P3D

You will notice in the modeldef file that each tag has 6 entries.
Ambient through to Ambient5
NonRandomAmbient through to NonRandomAmbient5

Using these when you compile for FSX causes huge issues, as FSDS parses the names incorrectly and it doesn't see them as unique names.

To get around this try either
a) Totally change the Animation Name eg Ambient becomes Pilots_Head etc
b) Change the number to a letter eg NonRandomAmbient2 becomes NonRandomAmbientB etc

This will get you the desired results.

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Re: For all us stubborn people still using FSDS

Post by DC1973 » 08 Aug 2019, 18:59

Great advice! I think that there's a third way also - one can change the order of the animation lines in the default.xml file of the sim to read backwards ( from 5 to 1, for instance ). Then, FSDS can parse the names correctly.
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