Please Read Before Posting A Support Question

Post all questions and problems with official MAIW Packages for FS9 in this forum. Each package has a dedicated thread for support.
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Please Read Before Posting A Support Question

Post by BadPvtDan »

1. Please post your question in the appropriate topic thread. You do not have the ability to create new posts here.
2. Do not pick a topic at random to ask your question, your post may (and probably will) be deleted.
3. Please do not make requests. I'll make fun of you and then delete it.
4. Please understand, all of our packages are designed and tested for FS9.
5. Questions related to FSX may be asked in our general forums. While we can't offer support for FSX ourselves, there may be another FSX user able to help you there.
6. Be nice.
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Re: Please Read Before Posting A Support Question

Post by MIKE JG »


Use this list as a checklist of things to verify BEFORE you post a new support issue for one of the packages for use in FS9. We are seeing the same simple issues over and over and most of the time, they are not related to the actual package. Once you have gone through this list of things to check, and you still are experiencing problems, feel free to post a new comment in the appropriate support thread for the package you are having problems with.

These are the most common mistakes we see when users report problems with a package:

Readme Instructions not followed-Most of our packages are straight forward and require little or no extra work on the part of the user to enjoy. However some of our more complex packages require that you CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW the directions that are included in the package Readme. Additionally you must pay careful attention to any packages that are a "Version 2" or "V2" as they most likely are replacing a previous MAIW package and you will need to delete or possibly allow certain files to be overwritten.

AI Traffic % Slider not set high enough-WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ONE ENOUGH TIMES!! Please double check your traffic slider %. Weird things happen and the slider % can change without your knowledge.

Duplicate AFCAD, ADE or AFX files exist on your setup-This is becoming more of a problem as there are several different programs available now that create airport environments and assign parking spots for AI aircraft. Testing has revealed that and AFCAD and AFX files will not play nice together. Throw in ADE files and a single MAIW package could have all three types in it, although we will try to avoid this when possible. There is a great utility to check your computer for duplicate AFCAD files, called "ScanAFD". You should be able to locate it using a basic internet search. Having multiple AFCAD type files for a single base will cause AI not to show up in some situations. Please keep in mind that MAIW will utilize multiple AFCAD type files for the same base for various reasons but when we do, we always use separate names for each individual file to prevent duplication.

Addon Scenery folder not activated-MAIW Addon sceneries and AFCAD type files are located in this critical folder. If you do not have this folder activated in your FS9/Scenery Library Settings, you may not see any AI traffic or scenery as a result. Please double check your FS9 Settings under Scenery Library to make sure the folder "Addon Scenery" is checked and active.

Airline AI/General Aviation AI Boxes are not checked on-These are the two tick boxes located on the same menu with your AI slider %. Please make sure that each box is checked on. Generally military AI aircraft fall under the "Airline AI" category but that can vary between models.

Wrong time of the day/week-Our flight plans are as realistic as we can make them based on our independent research. Military aircraft are NOT like airliners. They do not usually fly 5-10 legs a day like an airliner would. They actually spend the majority of their time safely parked on the ground. Our packages reflect this and often times if you do not see any AI at a location, it's not that the AI are not working, they are most likely flying or located at another base during that time of the day/week. Please change the time of day and day of the week to see if the AI show up at your chosen location.

WoAI vs. MAIW Installer All packages dated May 2007 or EARLIER, make use of the World of AI installer. Any package released AFTER May of 2007 uses its own auto-installer. Please double check the date of the package and the package description to determine how to install each package.
-Mike G.