Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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Can you tell me about Misawa AB in Northern Japan? The package here had F-16's but I'm curious of what it has now. Do I need to get rid of them or keep them.
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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages (List Updated 16Jun14)

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MIKE JG wrote: 04 Dec 2010, 00:27 Master MAIW Package Changes List

MAIW 158th Fighter Wing package:
Tail number 86-0317, F-16C Block 30E, previously assigned to the 134th FS, 158th FW, VT ANG is now assigned to the 194th FS, 144th FW, CA ANG.

MAIW Alaska and Islands ANG package:
Remove all NBAI Hawaii ANG F-15 models.
Move C-130H tail#'s 82-0054, 82-0056 from AK ANG to KMFD (use flightplans from the original Great Lakes ANG Part 1 package).

MAIW Algerian Transports V.2.0
Remove 7T-WHM assigned to 3e Escadron de Transport, aircraft crashed.

MAIW AMC East Coast C-5's package:
Remove all C-5s from Wright-Patterson AFB (KFFO). This unit, 445th AW has converted to all C-17s.
Remove the following C-5A's from WV ANG 167th AW as the unit converts to C-17's, a/c have been flown to AMARG (Boneyard). Some of the tail#'s belonged to 137th AW NY ANG.

MAIW AMC East Coast C-17's package
437th AW/17th AS (C-17) inactivated.

MAIW AMC West Coast C-5's package:
Remove C-5A tail number 68-220 from 433rd AW, aircraft stored.

MAIW AMC West Coast C-17's Package:
Remove C-17A 87-0025 (ED), aircraft now displayed at USAF Museum in Dayton, OH.
Remove KC-135R 61-0312 from 97th AMW, a/c flew to the AMARG (boneyard) 21Feb13.
Flightplan C-17A, 94-0070, to fly from Martinsburg WV, a/c is 1st C-17 for 167th AW, transferred from 164th AW/155th AS, TN ANG.
62nd AW/10th AS (C-17) inactivated. MAY16

MAIW AMI 46th Brigata Aerea
Remove C-130J-30 "MM62190", a/c suffered hard landing Herat, AFG. JUL14

MAIW Barksdale AFB Package
Remove B-52H, 60-0047, a/c crashed in Guam while assigned to 2nd BW "MT", MAY16

MAIW Beale AFB package
Remove all KC-135R's from this package, all aircraft reallocated to different units.
Transfer T-38's serial numbers 68-8185 and 68-8150 to Tyndall AFB, FLA. Aircraft now wearing "TY" tail codes in glossy black with silver trim schems.

MAIW Belgian Air Component 15th Air Transport Wing Package
All A310's have left the fleet.
Remove the A333 (CS-TMT). It is replaced by an all-grey A321 (CS-TRJ).

MAIW Bulgarian MiGs - Graf Ignatievo Airbase
Remove all Mig-21

MAIW Canadian Hornets package:
Remove CF-188 serial# 188789 from this package, aircraft crashed
Remove CF-188 serial# 188738 from this package, aircraft crashed

MAIW Cannon AFB package:
Move M-28 Skytrucks (C-145) from 318th SOS to 6th SOS at Duke Fld, FL.
Remove AC-130H's from 27th SOW/16th SOS, a/c either stored or moved to AMARG(boneyard):
All "69" year groups:
Remove all DHC-8 from 524th SOS, a/c have been sold back to civilian operators.
Remove C-145A (PZL M28 Skytruck) N310MV (08-0310), a/c first of fleet to retire to AMARG. N319TW (08-0319) should be removed as well, a/c crashed on landing in AFG, DEC11.

MAIW CFB Greenwood package:
CP-140A Arcturus aircraft 140120 and 140121 retired to the 309th AMARG Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, USA. CP-140A serial 140119 no longer flying, however it is still used for technician training at CFB Greenwood.

MAIW CGAS Elizabeth City package:
All the USCG HC-144A's have been moved. There are now 12 HC-144A's in the USCG inventory with 8 based at Mobile Alabama and 4 based at Miami. Here are all twelve current USCG HC-144's:

2301-CGAS Mobile
2302-CGAS Mobile
2303-CGAS Mobile
2304-CGAS Mobile
2305-CGAS Mobile
2306-CGAS Miami
2307-CGAS Mobile
2308-CGAS Mobile
2309-CGAS Mobile
2310-CGAS Miami
2311-CGAS Miami
2312-CGAS Miami

MAIW Davis Monthan AFB
358th FS "Lobos" (A-10C Formal Training Unit) deactivated FEB14, all airframes transferred over to newly re-activated 47th FS "Dogpatchers" from MAIW Southeast ANG package, now based at DM. 47th FS now conducts FTU functions for the A-10C. For repaints, change 47th FS "BD" tailcode to "DP".

MAIW Eglin AFB package:
Move 9th SOS HC-130P's (HTAI C-130E) from Eglin AFB to Hurlburt AFB due to unit move.

MAIW Elmendorf AFB V2 package:
Remove F-22A serial# 06-4125 from this package, aircraft crashed
Remove C-17A serial# 00-0173 from this package, aircraft crashed
Remove all F-15's.

MAIW Ellsworth AFB V2 package:
Remove B-1B 85-0091, a/c crashed AUG13.

MAIW Exotic Albert’s Part 1 – ASIA: Australia package:
Remove all HTAI C-130H's, RAAF retired/ceased flight ops for the type 30Nov12.

MAIW Exotic Alberts, WOA Mil-16 Indonesian Hercs
Remove KC-130B "A-1310", a/c crashed JUN15.

MAIW Export Hawks 4D "UAE Hawks"
UAE has transferred 13 Mk63 Hawks to the Royal Jordanian AF for the lead-in fighter role at H5/Prince Hassan AB, replacing F-5E/Fs.
Remove s/n 1722. Aircraft crashed. MAR16

MAIW Export Hawks pt. 6, NAS Meridian Hawks
Remove T-45C, 165631, TW-1, a/c ran off runway KNZY

MAIW Export Hawks Part 9: Indonesian Hawks package
Remove Hawk Mk209 "TT0212", a/c crashed Oct12.

MAIW Export Hawks Pt 10, South Korean Hawks
Remove all Hawk Mk.67s (T-59), aircraft retired and many sold off to US civilian mil contractor Air USA Inc.

MAIW Finnish Transports and Trainers package:
Remove all DWAI Piper PA-31 Chieftains. They were retired in 2011.

MAIW Florida Orions package:
Remove P-3C's from VP-5 and VP-16, units have transitioned to P-8.

MAIW French Mirage 2000 Part 1 package:
EC 01.002 moved from BA 102 Dijon-Longvic AB (LFSD) to BA 116 Luxeuil Saint-Sauveur (LFSX)

MAIW French Mirage 2000 Part 4 package:
Remove Mirage 2000D 133-JK number 612 from this package, aircraft crashed

MAIW French Mirage 2000 Part 5 package:
EC 01.004 disbanded.
EN 02.004 moved from BA 116 Luxeuil Saint-Sauveur (LFSX) to BA 125 Istres - Le Tubé (LFMI)
Remove M2000 serial 68, a/c crashed 03Oct12 with RoCAF pilot from 499th onboard.

MAIW French Mirage 2000 Part 6 package:
EC 03.004 disbanded

MAIW French Mirage F1 package:
All Mirage F1 withdrawn from use.

MAIW German Air Force Eurofighter V.2.0 package:
Remove all F-4F Phantoms. Aircraft retired.

MAIW Grand Forks AFB package:
Remove all PAI KC-135s from this package. Base is currently home to UAV's so you can keep the scenery active.

MAIW Great Lakes ANG Part 1 v2.0 package:
Remove 172nd AS/ 110th AW C-21's from MI ANG, unit transitions to non-flying RPA role.
Remove F-16's of the 132nd FW/124th FS "Hawkeyes", IA ANG, unit transferred to UAS remote ops. The 21 F-16's have been transferred to the 119th Fighter Squadron, New Jersey Air National Guard, Atlantic City (KACY).
OH ANG 179th AW/164th AS have returned to operating the C-130H with 8 on strength. Many of these tail#s came from other units to include various MAIW packages:

MAIW Great Lakes ANG Part 2 package:
Remove all 174th FW HTAI F-16 models from Syracuse.
Remove all 111th FW, Pennsylvania ANG RWAI A-10 models from Willow Grove ARS.
Remove all 192nd AVN, RI ARNG, C-23 Sherpas, unit is decommissioning aircraft.
Remove all C-21's assigned to 118th AS, CT ANG, unit was supposed to transition to C-27J, now receiving C-130H's (#74-1667 1st on station).
Move C-130H tail# 83-0488, 139th AS, NY ANG to KMFD (Use flightplans from the original Great Lakes ANG Part 1 package).

MAIW Hellenic Air Force A-7 Araxos AB
Remove all A-7s. Aircraft retired.

MAIW Hellenic AF Transports-Elefsis AFB
Remove CL-215, s/n 1111, a/c crashed JUN16.

MAIW Hill Air Force Base package:
34th Fighter Squadron F-16s deactivated. Most of the F-16s from the 2010 inactivation of the 34th Fighter Squadron at Hill AFB went to the 175th Fighter Squadron, South Dakota Air National Guard, Sioux Falls (KFSD).

MAIW Holloman Talons
All 7th Combat Training Squadron T-38s have been transferred to the newly reactivated 2d Fighter Training Squadron at Tyndall AFB FL.

MAIW Hungarian Gripens
Remove JAS-39D "42", a/c crashed after landing. MAY15

MAIW Israeli AF Part 2 - Hatzerim Air Base package:
Remove F-16I (F-16D) "107" from No 107 squadron, a/c crashed.
Remove all flying A-4 Skyhawks, a/c retired after 48yrs of service. DEC15

MAIW Italian Tornado V2
Remove Tornados "MM7009" and "MM7087", a/c involved in mid-air AUG14

MAIW Langley AFB package
Remove all NBAI F-15 models.
Add T-38A, serial 67-14939, with new "FF" tail code, glossy black with silver trim finish. Aircraft is first of seven T-38A's to act as aggressors.

MAIW Little Rock AFB package
Last C-130E sortie flown by 62nd AS late SEPT 2011. Only C-130H and J models are flown from Little Rock AFB presently.
Remove C-130J-30 04-3144 (03-3144 real world), a/c suffered hard landing in AFG, destroyed in place May13.

MAIW Luke Air Force Base package:
Remove F-16D, 88-0165, 309th FS, a/c crashed Jun13.
61st FS Deactivated Aug 2010. From the aircraft folder "MAIW_HTAI_F-16C Luke AFB" remove [Fltsim] entries 91-109 in the Aircraft.cfg file. From the folder "MAIW_HTAI_F-16D Luke AFB" remove [Fltsim] entries 49-56 from the Aircraft.cfg file. Also remove all aircraft textures associated with the 61st FS from these two folders.
All 309th Fighter Squadron F-16s are transferred from Luke AFB AZ to Holloman AFB NM.
Remove F-16A (drag chute) 93-0711, 21st FS, ROCAF. A/C crashed JAN16 in AZ.

63rd FS Deactivated May 2009 (merged into 310th FS). Further research needed to determine which aircraft from the 63rd FS remain as part of the 310th FS.

MAIW MCAS Beaufort package:
VFA-86 "Sidewinders" homeport change to NAS Lemoore, CA JULY 2011 for transition to Super Bugs. Unconfirmed if they took the jets with them or handed them off to legacy squadrons. Only VFA squadron assigned to CVW-11 (NH).
Remove F/A-18D buno 164729, WK-10, assigned to VMFA(AW)-224. Aircraft crashed 2/15.

MAIW MCAS Cherry Point Harriers package:
Remove AV-8B BuNo 164147 VMAT-203, a/c crashed outside Yuma, AZ.
Remove the following 6 BuNo's from VMA-211 destroyed at Camp Bastion, SEPT12. Yuma and Cherry Point are affected as the airframes were spread throughout different squadrons when the package was released:
Remove AV-8B+ BuNo 165003, WP-03, VMA-223. A/C had engine fire damage beyond repair on MEU deployment MAR16.
Remove AV-8B BuNo 165594, CG-04, VMA-231. A/C assigned to VMA-542 and upgraded to B+ when it crashed MAY16.

MAIW MCAS Miramar package:
Remove VMFA(AW)-121 Green Knights (F/A-18D), squadron re-designated VMFA-121 and became a F-35 squadron.
Remove F/A-18C BuNo 164724, VMFA-323, a/c crashed at NAS Fallon.
Remove F-18C Buno 165181, "WT-00" VMFA-232, a/c crashed in UK OCT15.
Remove 2xF-18C, BuNos 165192, 165194, VMFA-232, a/c crashed in separate incidents 1st week of AUG16.

MAIW MCAS Yuma Harriers package:
Remove AV-8B BuNo 165581 from VMA-311, a/c crashed after landing, Camp Bastion, AFG.
Remove AV-8B from VMA-211, BuNo 165586 from this package, aircraft crashed in Gulf of Aden.
Remove VMA-513 "Flying Nightmares" AV-8B's, unit going to cadre status, airframes distributed to other VMA's.
Remove the following 6 BuNo's from VMA-211 destroyed at Camp Bastion, SEPT12. Yuma and Cherry Point are affected as the airframes were spread throughout different squadrons when the package was released:
Remove AV-8B+, Buno 165380, VMA-214, a/c crashed in AZ MAY14
VMA-211 has ceased ops with the AV-8B to stand up as the 2nd USMC F-35B squadron, becoming VMFA-211. Harriers most likely transferred to other VMA squadrons. MAY16

Remove 2xF-16C, 92-3899 and 93-0531, a/c had mid-air collision JUN16.

MAIW Moroccan Mirage F1 Package
Remove RMAF Mirage F1CH s/n 127, a/c crashed AUG15.

MAIW Moroccan Transports and Trainers package
Remove C-130, CNA-OQ from this package, aircraft crashed near Moroccan boarder.

MAIW NAF Atsugi package
VFA-192 Golden Dragons have left NAF Atsugi and moved back to NAS Lemoore. Transitioned to Super Hornet.
VFA-195 Dambusters transitioned to Super Hornets.

MAIW NAS Corpus Christi package:
Remove all NBAI T-34C aircraft, last training flight flown APR15. Units have transitioned to T-6B Texan II.

MAIW NAS Kingsville Hawks package:
Remove T-45C, Bu No. 167076 and Bu No. 167081, and textures from this package. Both aircraft crashed.

MAIW NAS Lemoore package:
Remove VFA-125 Rough Raiders (disestablished OCT10)
VFA-115 Eagles (E) Forward deployed to NAF Atsugi, from NAS Lemoore
Remove F/A-18F BuNo 165877 from VFA-122 from this package, aircraft crashed
Remove F/A-18E BuNo 166447 from VFA-147, a/c suffered Class A damage from aborted t/o FEB14.
Remove F/A-18C BuNo 164708 from VFA-151, a/c assigned to VMFA-323 when it crashed MAR14.
The following squadrons have completed the transition from legacy Hornets to Super Bugs:
Remove F-18C, VFA-94, BuNo 164208, a/c involved in mid-air.
Remove F-18E buno 166466 from VFA-147, NG-411. A/C crashed while assigned to VFA-14, NG-210, SEP15.

MAIW NAS Pensacola
Remove T-45C, 165075, VT-86, a/c damaged while landing.
Remove F-18C, buno 163455, NFDS "6", a/c crashed JUN16.

MAIW NATO Sentry's package
Remove all CT-49 aircraft from this package, all have been retired.

MAIW NATO Sentry's Update v1.1
Remove E-3A LX-N90449, aircraft retired, will be flown to AMARG (Boneyard), AZ.

MAIW Nellis AFB package:
Remove F-15C "OT" 80-0041, a/c crashed.
Remove F-16C, serial number 85-1413 (blue cammo), 64th Aggressors Squadron, aircraft crashed July 2011.

MAIW Osan AB package:
Remove F-16C "OS" 90-0771, a/c crashed.

MAIW Pope Field
AFRC C-130H ops have ceased as 440th AW stands down. All 440th AW C-130Hs have been moved to other units. 1 to 94th AW Dobbins ARB, GA, most of the others to 189th AW (AR ANG), Little Rock AFB, AR. Tail #s 88-4404 and 87-9284 flown to AMARG (Boneyard).. MAY16

MAIW Portuguese AF
Remove C-130H, s/n 16804, a/c crashed JUL16.

MAIW RAF Lakenheath 48th FW package:
Remove F-15E serial number 91-0304 "LN" from this package, aircraft crashed during combat operations over Libya.
Remove F-15D, 86-0182, 48FW, 493rd FS, a/c crashed OCT14.

MAIW RAF Tornado F3 package:
All F3 operations have now ceased.

MAIW RAF Tornado GR4 package:
XIII and 14 Squadrons have disbanded.

MAIW Republic of China Air Force Academy:
Remove T-34C, 3413/84013 and texture from this package, aircraft crashed.

MAIW Reserve Hornets package
F/A-18A+ BuNo 162878 "AF-404" crashed during landing accident at NAS Fallon SEPT 2011.

MAIW Seaboard ANG package:
Remove F-16C tail# 86-0357, 121st FS, DC ANG, a/c crashed after mid-air with wingman, AUG13.
MD ANG 135th AS have transferred all remaining C-130J's as the unit transitioned to the C-27J, SEPT 2011
Remove all MKAI C-27Js. The 135th Airlift Squadron deactivated on 30 Sep 13. Of the 21 C-27Js the Air Force owned, seven are going to the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and the remaining 14 are going to the U.S. Coast Guard.

MAIW Serbian Air Force fighters and transports
Remove all Mig-21BIS from the package

MAIW Shaw AFB V2 package:
Remove F-16C tail # 00-0219, 79th FS (77th FS real world), a/c crashed in AFG, APR13.
Remove F-16C tail# 92-3907, a/c crashed during landing JUL13 while deployed to ROK.
Remove F-16C "SW" 91-0375, a/c crashed while deployed to Jordan. DEC14
Remove F-16C "SW" 96-0085, a/c crashed following mid-air. JUL15

MAIW Sheppard Talons package:
Remove T-38C, 61-0891, a/c crashed Jul13

MAIW Southeast ANG Package
Remove all A-10C's assigned to Barksdale AFB(KBAD) LA, 47th FS as they have ceased operations.
Remove all C-130E's of Little Rock AFB (KLRF).
Remove all A-10's from the AR ANG's 188th FW based at Ft. Smith, AR. Final 2 A-10's left JUN14 to be disseminated to other units as the 188th becomes a RPA operator.

MAIW Southwest ANG Package
162nd FW/148th FS UAE F-16E/F's are supposed to have left KTUS and returned to the UAE.
Remove all HTAI F-16's of the New Mexico ANG (Kirtland AFB~Albuquerque Intl)
Remove F-16C, 89-2019, 138th FW, 125th FS, OK ANG. A/C involved in mid-air, OCT14
Remove F-16C 85-1549 301st FW/457th FS, a/c written off following runway collision at Nellis, AUG15

MAIW Spanish Mirage F1 package:
All a/c removed from service.

MAIW Spanish Navy Harriers
Remove EAV-8B's 1A-15 (01-903), 1A-22 (01-911), a/c will be retired due to budget issues.
Move EAV-8B 1A-24 paint to EAV-8B+ model, should be "1B-24" (01-914).

MAIW Tyndall AFB package
Remove all NBAI F-15 models. Type no longer flying from Tyndall.
Add T-38A's, serials 68-8185 and 68-8150 with new "TY" coded paint schemes (transferred from 1st Reconnaissance Wing, Beale AFB, California). These are the first two of twenty T-38s to be relocated to Tyndall to act as aggressors. First 10 should be in place by March 2012.
Remove F-22A "TY" 02-4037, a/c crashed.
All QF-4s of the 82d Aerial Targets Squadron at Tyndall AFB FL have been transferred to 82 ATRS Det 1 at Holloman AFB NM. 82 ATRS at Tyndall has converted to the QF-16.

MAIW UK Harriers Version 2 Package
All UK Harriers have now been retired in the real world.

MAIW UK Hawks Part 2 package:
As of April 8th, 2011 No 19(R) Squadron at RAF Valley became an all Hawk T2 unit. Suggest replacing T1 Hawks from this package with T2 Hawks from another package. This will also require new aircraft textures. Sister unit No 208(R) will also cease flying the Hawk T1 by the end of 2011 and consolidate operations within two flights of No 19(R) Squadron.

MAIW UK Seakings Part 1 package:
203(R) Sqn relocated to RAF Valley.
RAF St Mawgan now has no flying role.

MAIW USAF Duke Field package:
Remove all 919th SOW/711th SOS MC-130E's as the unit ceased operations of the Combat Talon I and will operate the C-145 Skytruck (M28) at Duke.

WoAI/MAIW USAF F-117A Nighthawk package:
Remove all KRAI F-117 models from Holloman AFB.
***At least one F-117 model is still flying from Tonopah Test Range field (TNX)

MAIW USAF Hurlburt Fld 16th SOW
Remove AC-130U, 90-0163, a/c was retired to AMARG.

MAIW USAF T1's part 1
Remove all USAF T-43's (B737-200) from this package, aircraft retired.

WoAI/MAIW United States Air Force T-37 Tweet package
Remove all PSAI T-37's from this package.

USN Airliners Part 1
VR-52 was deactivated in 2012

MAIW VFA-106 Gladiators package:
Remove F/A-18D BuNo 163452, crashed in VA Beach, VA.
Remove F-5E S/N 761585 "AF-115", VFC-111, a/c overran runway at NAS Key West sustaining Class A damage.

MAIW West Coast ANG package:
Remove F-16C, 87-0315, 144th FW, CA ANG, a/c crashed. Dec12
MAIW AMC West Coast C-17's Package:

(62nd AW/10th AS (C-17) inactivated. MAY16) These aircraft need to be removed correct?
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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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That is correct, but you might have to check the tail #'s to be fully accurate as they are not "retired" to the boneyard.

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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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84-0010 (The King) F-15C from the 493rd is headed to Robins for depot maintenance. Likely headed to an ANG unit after due to F-35 transition.
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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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Ellsworth AFB v2.0, USAF B-1B Dyess AFB v2.0

Remove the following 17 NBAI B-1Bs as they have been retired:


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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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Thank you. I read that this weekend and was trying to find which 17 to park!

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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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Researching these I also found based on, at least 20 airframes were not in the original packages. Also, many tail# have swapped bases since package release.

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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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Yeah I saw that but it gets it close enough to the current 45 frames flying.

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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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MAIW Royal Malaysian Air Force Hawks package

Part 8 of the Export Hawk Series is ready.

Direct download link: ... LID=127070

Only 5 Hawk are still in use
RMAF Hawk crashed

On 16 November 2021 at around 22:00 hrs LT a Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM, Royal Malaysian Air Force) BAE Hawk Mk108 crashed at the runway of Butterworth air base.

According to the information released by the Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein there was one fatality. A second airman was injured. The Hawk was operated by 15 Skuadron Panther, which is based at Butterworth. According to the Scramble Magazine database, the RMAF had ten Hawk Mk108 in it's inventory of which five aircraft were lost in accidents.

The RMAF will investigate the cause of the accident.
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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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MAIW RAAF Tindal Hornets / MAIW RAAF Williamtown Hornets

You can now remove all legacy F/A-18A/B from RAAF Pack.
Australia says goodbye to classic Hornet

After more than 35 years of service, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) said goodbye to the classic F/A-18A and F/A-18B Hornet fighters.

On 29 November 2021, the last seven classics operated by 75 Squadron Seek and Strike at RAAF Base Tindal (NT) left the air base for the very last time and flew with call signs Magpie 11 and Blackbird 21 to RAAF Base Williamtown (NSW).

At he New South Wales air base, a closing ceremony was held marking the end after 36 years of service and 408,000 in the air. Speeches were given by Air Commodore Tim Alsop; Commander Air Combat Group, the Honorable Peter Dutton MP; Minister for Defence, Air Marshall Mel Hupfeld AO, DSC; Chief of Air Force and Dr Brendan Nelson AO; President of Boeing Defence Australia, covering the history and operations of the classic Hornet in RAAF service.

No.75 Squadron became the first Australian fighter unit to be equipped with Dassault Mirage III fighters in December 1964 and was declared operational with these aircraft on 1 August 1967. It subsequently maintained a detachment of Mirages at RAAF Base Darwin (NT) from 2 May 1966 until early 1967. Following a period of training the unit transferred to RAAF Base Butterworth in Malaysia during May 1967.

Australia RAAF Hornet 2 320In 1981 it was decided to withdraw the unit from Malaysia to Darwin pending the completion of RAAF Base Tindal near Katherine (NT). The unit arrived in Darwin in October 1983, becoming the first fighter squadron to be permanently based in the Northern Territory since World War II. In May 1988, the unit began to convert to F/A-18A and F/A-18B Hornets and moved to Tindal in October that year.

The classic Hornets have been surpassed by the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II. The first F-35A in 75 Squadron markings, serial A35-029, made its first flight on 30 July 2020. The aircraft has already been delivered to Australia.

The Australian government has sold 25 classic Hornets to Canada. In September 2018, the United States approved Canada’s purchase of the surplus RAAF F/A-18A/Bs. Eighteen Hornets will be used to fill a capability gap, while Ottawa decides on its next fighter aircraft. The other seven will be used for non-flying purposes such as spare parts reclamation and battle damage repair training.
Source : ... sic-hornet
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Re: Real World Changes to MAIW packages

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Just about to post that, well at least the flightplans will work with the F-35s.

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