A brand new MS Flight Simulator is coming...

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Re: A brand new MS Flight Simulator is coming...

Post by Firebird » 28 Jun 2019, 05:59

Not only have I watched the 90 sec preview but I also watched a breakdown of the preview on youtube which was 65 mins long - no I didn't believe it either.

What did become apparent whilst watching that was that there is some on the fly road traffic AI and some glitching was pointed out, remembering that this is not a finished product yet, of scenery stitching.
What was shown was very impressive, and the breakdown used slow mo and back and forth motion to show off some of the more impressive features which are not apparent at first.

It also seems to hypothesize that the scenery is what is stored in Azure AI. If this is the case then you will have to have to have a fast unlimited broadband connection. What happens if your broadband is down is one of the unknowns at the moment. We shall find out later.
If true it looks like it kinda follows the Google Earth flight sim methodology for scenery, but better.

What has been released by MS is that third-party content development and community-made content will be supported for the title. Again how exactly this will be done has not been released.

One interesting aspect of the breakdown is that it seems that all of the aircraft in the preview appear to be Aerosoft aircraft. Whether they will be part of the game and whether they have been converted for the game are still unknown.

No doubt more info will be released as time goes by.
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Re: A brand new MS Flight Simulator is coming...

Post by TimC340 » 28 Jun 2019, 11:06

I agree, Sophie, and I'm both fascinated and excited to see what MS brings to the genre after such a long time out of the field. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed that P3D hasn't moved the game on further than it has. 64-bit and dynamic lighting are relatively small improvements to the end user, though I don't doubt the amount of work that was required under the hood to bring FSX through those improvements. DCS shows what can be achieved, and that by a small team of developers. MS should be able to move things on considerably.

Edit: Steve, I came to the same conclusions, though I haven't made time to watch that analysis. My own scrolling through the teaser video convinced me that Aerosoft are deeply involved, and that some of the road traffic algorithms weren't yet up to scratch!

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