A brand new MS Flight Simulator is coming...

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Re: A brand new MS Flight Simulator is coming...

Post by Firebird »

Tim mentions there something that will be critical in us supporting MSFS, and I think that we want to, is having the tools for the job.
We can't have the situation where people need to download a source file and compile it themselves so that they can produce json files and with the aid of a text editor so they can add AI aircraft.

It has to be simpler and slicker than that. A look around our forum shows that a fair percentage of people have issues over the years with our very simple package installs. Imagine every install being a personalised manual experience.

My feeling is that only when the way the system works is fully explained in the SDK, will we get the tools to enable people make the process simpler/easier. Only then will we be in the situation to create addons for MSFS.

It will, frustratingly, take time. The fact that one person has made something happen just means a step along the road and not an arrival at the destination.
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Re: A brand new MS Flight Simulator is coming...

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There are plenty of free tools out there that generate the .json files for you.

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