WARNING re: FS2004 ATC_Voicepack_SDK

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WARNING re: FS2004 ATC_Voicepack_SDK

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This is a warning that unless you are very confident in dealing with the inner workings of the Windows registry that you should take heed of.

I was trying to use ADE to split the scenery from Gerts LFOT scenery bgl he uploaded earlier.

Unable to compile giving this error :-

Code: Select all

ScruffyDuck Scenery Design Engine Compiling
Using BglComp....

INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR C1003: Failed to create MSXML object! (0x80040154)

Parsing document: F:\FS Utils\Airport Design Editor 170\!AdeTempWorkOnly\LFOT_ADE9_MAIW.xml

ERROR C2470: Unrecoverable error parsing XML!
ERROR C2006: Parse failed  (0x80004005)
ERROR C2003: Failed to process file: F:\FS Utils\Airport Design Editor 170\!AdeTempWorkOnly\LFOT_ADE9_MAIW.xml
After reading through various things on the internet it transpires that the FS2004 ATC_Voicepack_SDK when it is installed installs a very old version of the MSXML4 lib and registers it.

ADE can't find the correct MSXML4 lib to operate the compiler (Presumably other proggies that require MSXML4 are equally effected).

It took a lot of trial and error, and reading, but the upshot is that uninstalling the SDK does not fix the problem. If you then uninstall the MSXML4 pack and re-install it does not fix the problem.

The fix is difficult to describe as each PC will be different but essentially you have to uninstall both the sdk and the MSXML4 pack.
Next you have to manually clear out any left over msxml4.dll and msxml4r.dll files from both windows\system32 and windows\SysWOW64 folders AND then clear out the registry of msxml4 entries using a tool, such as ccleaner.

Only then will a re-install of the latest version of MSXML4 work.

It took several hours work but hopefully others will now avoid the same problem.
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