MAIW goes Dark with Firefox

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MAIW goes Dark with Firefox

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I realise that this may not be of interest to many but maybe to some.

For sometime now, I have been looking for a way to browse websites in a pseudo dark mode using my preferred browser Firefox. After finding that there was a secret setting in Chrome to enable this I went looking again and I found how to do it in Firefox.

Firstly you have to enable the Dark theme in Firefox which all it does is make some of the menus dark.
However if you then install an add-on called Dark Reader then every web page will have a dark look about it.
Dark Reader has a settings window accessible on the toolbar which enables to switch it on and off at will and you can also add sites to opt out.

For simplicity here is a page with pictures on how to activate this

After having used it for a few days I can say that I really like it. I think that MAIW looks really cool with it. My main issue was how the logo in my signature looked which was cured by making the backdrop in the png transparent.
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