First Italian F-35-B assigned to the Navy

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First Italian F-35-B assigned to the Navy

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Translated "as is" by Google Traslator:


The first short takeoff and landing aircraft produced outside the United States at Cameri's FACO returned in flight on the last 11th and today 16th January to resume the tests for the development and certification before delivery to the Italian Defense.

But the real news is the attribution of the aircraft to the MILITARY MARINA.
Today's flight, a difference from the previous one, saw the 5th generation jet show the name of the Armed Force at the sides of the fuselage and immediately under the cockpit the number 01.
You can already define rates on the final department signs that will probably be attributed to the aircraft; according to the rules in force in the Navy, the first number of the department signs identifies the model of the aircraft in the workforce and the subsequent the progressive.
If the number 3 was assigned to the NH / SH-90, the F-35B should receive 4, therefore 4-01.

Thus ended the "querelle" and the speculations of the experts on which of the Armed Forces received the first F-35B intended to equip the airborne ward and to report in the coming years on the aircraft carrier Cavour and a group of the Air Force that at its once ordered 15 "Jump Jets".

Returning to the testing and certification flights, the approaches in STOVL configuration were certainly reached, hovering the probe tests for refueling in flight by a tanker of the Italian Air Force.

Model B, as well as the C boarded and ordered exclusively by the US Navy, differ from the official version (F-35A) for the different modes of refueling in flight.
The "conventional" F-35As adopt the typical USAF rigid rod system while the F-35B and F-35C are equipped with the "probe-and-drogue" system using a retractable probe in the stealth housing on the right.
The Italian Air Force as everyone has known in service the modern Boeing KC-767A equipped with the rigid rod probe (Boomer) and the usual flexible probe that has always guaranteed the Italian aircraft by capacity, even some Lockheed Martin KC -130J Hercules II are licensed for in-flight refueling and direct money from the Probe-and-drogue system.

The F-35B has performed the spectacular "evolutions" in hovering aimed at completing the certification in flight guaranteed by the advanced "Lift System" of Rolls Royce and the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine rotated downwards, the most powerful turbofan in service in the world.

The first F-35B of the Italian Navy should be officially taken over by the end of each operation before the ocean transposition to complete the electromagnetic certification at the NAS Patuxent River; with the authority of the United States for the training of crews destined for the STOVL line.
The second STOVL aircraft (BL-2) is currently in production at the FACO in Cameri and should be delivered to the defense within the year.

Thus began the final cycle of the operational life of the McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing) AV-8B + Harrier II still in staff with our Naval Group.
The first TAV-8B + two-seater arrived in Italy on June 7, 1991 while the flight group was composed a few months earlier.

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