Guardians of Giza

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Guardians of Giza

Post by Greg »

Military AI Works presents the Block 52+ F-16s of the Egyptian Air Force. Egypt is the 4th largest operator of F-16s in the world and recently accepted 20 of these advanced versions of the F-16 to supplement its already formidable force of Vipers. This latest batch of F-16s were delivered under the Peace Vector VII foreign military assistance program after several pauses due to political unrest and several military coups in Egypt.

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Re: Guardians of Giza

Post by Weescotty »

Couple of changes from previous Falcons....

1) Redid the slat/flaps texturing as the orange panels showed up a slight problem with the mapping.
2) Redid the wing tip and pylons 2 and 8 launch rails.
3) No AIM-120 for Egypt so some in the package have Sparrows modelled.
4) New pylon for Sparrows based on the F-16 ADF pylon.
5) New model for the wingtip Sidewinders, they now are correct for AIM-9L/M (needed because Pakistani F-16s carry both 9L/M and 9N/P and there are differences)

I believe Mike is going to post slightly amended light positions for the aircraft.cfg file.

Biggest challenge was the arabic numbers either side of the nose, and yup they are correct for each texture.


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