1998 Retro Traffic

Post all your own Military AI projects here from days gone by.
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1998 Retro Traffic

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Ahoy there guys,

Though I haven't been active much at all on the forums here, I have been using MAIW packages since about the time of it's foundation. Thank all of you who have worked so hard to create a living world from the military side of operations, really appreciate all of your efforts! Especially those of you responsible for the FS2004 MAIW Airshow scenery\traffic combo, really enjoyed that back in the day.

I make a lot of civilian and government transport retro flightplans and repaints and also backdated ADEX files for airports ranging from the 1980s to present day. Lately though my focus has been on a 1998 AI project for the Microsoft Sims and P3D which is well underway and eventually will hopefully provide all the airlines, general aviation, and government\military traffic for that time period that we can create. But military wise, I don't really know where to start beyond the government transports in various agencies I've created for several countries, with the exception being Brazil where Raphael Rodrigues has been working over 2 years on recreating the entire Brazilian Air Force of the late 1990s with most repaints already completed and many ADEX files done to backdate airport scenery.

In Brazil, Japan, and many countries, a lot of larger airports are joint use (even more so back then) and the airports really are not complete without the ANG squadrons or whatever is based there. I am working on backdated scenery for Honolulu\Hickam(HIK\PHIK), Nagoya Airfield (NKM\RJNA) and Frankfurt(FRA\EDDF) both of which saw heavy military operations at the time. While I have created the majority of AMC commercial carriers flightplans in that era (ATA, Tower Air, North American Airlines, ect) making sure to segregate them from the rest of the airline so that they have AMC callsigns and codes using "MIL_CARGO" parking, that is just the surface of the traffic at these airports. I know you guys have done a crap load of retro stuff, but as I am far less familiar with military aviation, I struggle to figure out which plans, textures, and aircraft are relevant to different eras. I switch around within my scenery library to different traffic periods like 98\99, 03\04, 82\83, ect so eventually it'd be cool to help fill in all the gaps. But for now, I'm mostly focused on 1998\99.

So, I figured I'd reach out here and see if anyone is interested with helping out. While I've made most of the stuff for the project myself, well over 30 people, most who independently uploaded files long before this project was a thing, are all involved in it. Frankly, I look at AI as being entirely communal, so anyone who has made anything for flight sim backdated to the late 1990s is part of it as far as I'm concerned. I also figure that some of these airlines may interest you guys who fly in the 90s, and you'll see the rest of the accurate traffic at these airports for that era either based off flight schedules or research representative flights for cargo and charter operations with no printed schedules.

Figuring out how often military combat or transport aircraft would fly realistically, and to what bases\airports back then, is out of my realm of expertise, so I am hoping you guys here at MAIW can help me point people in the right direction to downloading your files, and maybe in the future we can combine them somehow as we are working on an installer that will extract things from around the web much like the MAIW Matrix.

Lastly, as I'm from the Bay Area, I am working on 90s versions of NAS Moffett, NAS Alameda, and Travis AFB with all military\NASA\AMC traffic of the era represented, along with re-activating the Crows Landing Auxiliary Airfield with some parking and active taxi routes for Navy and NASA test flights from both airports. Local spotters were able to give me great detail of who parked where, what aircraft came in(most everything for Alameda since they did overhauls there), and what the operations were like destination\training wise. But as always, any extra info is appreciated on those airfields as well. In the future when the 90s is more filled in, I'd be interested in filling up a late 70s final Hamilton AFB as well.

Anyway, that's about it. So many awesome retro plans I've seen both on this site and places like Avsim from members here, just curious as to what is relevant and if you guys may have backdated any joint-use 90s airfields already. Also always willing to learn anything I can from you guys who recall operations at joint use airports from back then and the carriers that were flying charters to them and what not which I may have missed(I sill need to do World Airways, Evergreen, and a few other obvious ones).

For those interested in the civilian traffic, you can find all the plans and info on that stuff here: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/inde ... ic=33495.0

Here are a couple of screenshots of the civilian side of backdated airports I'm working on 1990s versions of which had a lot of military traffic, many of which no longer see commercial service or are now only domestic\regional airports. Would be cool to fill them up:

Thanks guys,
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