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Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 28 Sep 2021, 07:10
by John Young
Thanks for the feedback asdro, but what you are asking is not straight forward and certainly not a case of simply appending new files here. Taking your questions in order:

I'm not going to change the instrument panel texture. Firstly, it can't be seen in any detail:


Secondly it would mean having to regenerate and test 62 new textures for FS9 and again for FSX/P3D. That's a few hours unnecessary work.

The manual explains why I didn't illuminate the slime lights. "Formation keeping “Slime” lights are featured on the real aircraft, but I have not illuminated them on this occasion because they are so small and the resolution would only make them visible at very close quarters". There's a lot of work involved in creating slime lights, It's really not worth the effort in this case. It would also involve 4 new models and a new upload.

The KC-10A manual refers to the C-17's. It says "Replacement files for the East and West Coast packages that remove the old KC-10A’s or KC-135 aircraft that have since been replaced by KC-46A tankers". What is left are the C-17's in the original package.

It's not really possible to extend the cargo door opening times to 10-15 seconds for two reasons. Firstly, the animation would become very jerky and secondly, the aircraft would taxi off the parking spots with the doors still closing, particularly in FSX and P3D.


Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 28 Sep 2021, 10:13
by asdro
Ok, thanks for answering, John.

I am currently installing the Stratotankers in the package.
After that i will try to install the other airports.

One question,

Is there a good Dover AFB availible?

I only found one at avsim, but i am not happy with that.
It caused CTDs and low FPS.

The scenery is from John B. Loney.

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 04:59
by asdro
Hello John,

I have installed the KC-135Rs in the package, too. Of course in FS9.

I have noticed a few things:

-The regtration for the texture 63-7995 is wrong. The texture shows 62-7995. It should be 63-7995. Can you please check that?
Also in the flightplan the reg 63-7995 is mentioned, not 62-7995.

-The Registration 61-0293 needs a Drogue model, but no Drogue texture is inside.

-The texture folders of the KC-135Rs dont have Lightbmps. Do I have to use them from another KC-135R package?
The folders just contain daylight texture, covers texture and some contain Drogue texture.

-In the readme, you have mentioned that there is an AFCAD for Pease that has the name


I cant find it.

Am I right, that for Altus there is no custom scenery, just default scenery?

I am still testing. Seymour AFB I still need to install and the Boeing airports.

Thanks for your support!

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 07:11
by John Young
I would just live with 63-7995 asdro, unless it's something you are going to view every day.

You can copy over a drogue texture for 61-0293 from one of the other folders. It's only needed if you are going to follow the aircraft at altitude.

The KC-135's in the KC-46A package contain updated files. If there was a lightmap in the original MAIW zip then you should use that, in the same way as the model files.

Sorry about Pease AFB. The AFCAD is attached.

Correct, Altus used default scenery from the original MAIW package. There is a replacement AFCAD from me.


Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 08:08
by asdro
Hello John,

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, i used the Drogue texture from another folder.

In the KC-46 package the KC-135R didnt have lightbmps, so i was not sure if it would be ok to just use a ligjtbmp from another package.

I will do so and use the lightbmp from the Mildenhall fleet.

I will try your AFCAD out for Pease, thanks.

About the wrong reg i can live without it.

I only noticed that because it was the only texture that wasnt shown on the model on the ramp of McConnel.

As i wrote i will continue my testing.


I have noticed that some KC-135R packages use

atc_heavy=1 in the aircraft.cfg. Some dont.

Is it realistic when the atc uses the declaration "heavy" for a KC-135R?
Same i want to ask for C-17.

Or do the air traffic controller skip the "heavy" as it is a military aircraft?


Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 08:23
by TimC340
On the ‘heavy’ appellation, the KC-135R has a MTOW of 146.2T. The threshold for using ‘heavy’ is a MTOW of 136T, so it is correct that the 135 uses it. It isn’t ‘skipped’ by ATC.

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 08:49
by asdro
Ok, thanks.
That means i can use heavy also for C-17 as the MTOW is far higher than 136t.

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 09:11
by Firebird
To clarify the situation to its simplest form.
Any aircraft that has a MTOW of 136T can use 'heavy'. So all you have to do is look on sites like Wikipedia to see if it is applicable to an aircraft.

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 20:32
by TimC340
Strictly speaking, it's not 'can' but 'must'. Even in UK, on first contact. It's not really observed outside the USA, but it is in the roolz.

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 20:53
by asdro
Ok, thanks alot.
I will add them in the aircraft.cfg.

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 09 Oct 2021, 05:26
by Firebird
There you go. If anybody knows the rules it is Tim.

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 11 Oct 2021, 03:04
by Joseph29
I am having a problem with some of the KC-46's. I went to Portsmouth NH and all the KC-46's on the flight line were black. I then checked the KC-46's that are at Boeing and some those textures are fine (there was 2 black textures there). The textures for the Italy and Japan KC-46's are all good. (I haven't seen the other KC-46's so I don't know if those textures are black too)

I am not sure what is going on with the Portsmouth ones. I checked to make sure the texture= line is the same as the texture folder and it is. Any ideas what could be wrong with these textures?

EDIT: Forgot to say this is the FSX/P3D ones.

Re: JYAI Boeing KC-46A’s

Posted: 11 Oct 2021, 03:35
by Joseph29
I figured it out on my own. I downloaded the package again and replaced all the model folders and that worked. all the textures are showing up now. I don't know what happened to begin with, I guess maybe I didn't replace all of the old model folders with the new ones.