MAIW NBAI Boeing CH-47 Chinook Conversion Support

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Re: MAIW NBAI Boeing CH-47 Chinook Conversion Support

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TimC340 wrote:
23 Jul 2019, 16:34
Interesting, Steve - yet Nick included the dashboard and crew in the model. And they are visible as parts in MCX. It's just the windows I can't find - and there are more of them, even though they're not transparent, than that 270 graphic shows - and I think that graphic is the engine intake filter anyway.
I took another look and you are absolutely right. It seems that the schemes I chose at random did not have any windows cut outs and i assumed that the engine intakes were the windows. When I checked the model in AIAE the windows looked painted on in the same colour as the engine intakes. I just assumed that they had painted on windows.

Goes to show how long ago I checked a Chinook in game. Apologies for the confusion.
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Re: MAIW NBAI Boeing CH-47 Chinook Conversion Support

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As Steve says, the windows on the fuselage are just painted on. The only windows that were modeled and textured as transparent were the cockpit and the 3 observation domes.

I pulled one of the FS9 Chinook models into the most recent MCX to check and this is what I see.
You can see that there are 2 instances of the nbai_chinook texture. The one I highlighted is mapped to the cockpit windows and the observation domes. If you set this one to transparent you should have clear glass.

Conversions are usually 1 step forward 6 steps backwards. Hopefully this helps you make 1 step forward.

Chinook windows.jpg

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Re: MAIW NBAI Boeing CH-47 Chinook Conversion Support

Post by TimC340 »

Ah - I noticed that there were two instances of that texture, and had no idea why. Thanks so much - as, you say, 1 step forward...

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