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F-15 issues after Europe update

Posted: 17 Aug 2019, 00:50
by Trevytt2004
just updated and haven't fired up the sim yet...but noticed...with the f-15's, the folders have no texture folders.
The C & Ds theres 3 model folders the soundai and the cfg and that's it.
The Es...even less...just the soundai folder and the aircraft.cfg.

now in my Europe aircraft folder, I have 4 F-15 folders..
JYAI - F-15C 493FS Lakenheath
JYAI - F-15D 493FS Lakenheath
JYAI - F-15E 492FS Lakenheath
JYAI - F-15E 494FS Lakenheath

now with all my tinkering etc...I cant remember if I ever did anything to these in the matrix...I know I removed them from my manual install folder within p3d root did this update forget some stuff or am I going wacko and entering a state of confusion



Re: F-15 issues after Europe update

Posted: 17 Aug 2019, 09:44
by Greg
It is obvious that you have renamed or removed the F-15 folders. You should have:


and nothing else. From your observations I can tell that they were no longer present on your system and Matrix recreated them during the update, then copied all the updated files to those folders (which should have simply overwritten any old versions of those files).

Again I advise everyone not to tinker with the content of the Matrix regions and global libraries, because at some point things will go sideways with an update. If you want to use parts of Matrix for your custom setup, then follow the procedure explained in the manual.

Re: F-15 issues after Europe update

Posted: 17 Aug 2019, 13:45
by Firebird
Just to emphasize what Greg's message is.

The Matrix is a one choice solution to P3D installations. This is the way it is. If you want diversity and choices on your setup then you have to manipulate EVERYTHING yourself.

If you want customization then you can't do it in the Matrix folders as they get deleted every time there is an update. If you want customisation then by all means download it and disable the automatic addon xml, then move the contents to another folder that is activated. remember move it you must or the next time that region gets updated it will get wiped.

Just to clarify you can add on to the Matrix installation but it MUST be outside of the Matrix folder structure.