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by rflowers5
09 Jul 2018, 21:52
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Topic: best video card to run MAIW graphics....
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best video card to run MAIW graphics....

been running an NVDIA GT730 but it eventually corrupts windows 10 OS after driver updates......has to reinstall the OS which cleaned
my FS9 up and deleted all se the onboard integrated video and scenery is just not what I
by rflowers5
29 Mar 2018, 01:25
Forum: MAIW Package Support For FS9
Topic: General MAIW Package Issues
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Re: General MAIW Package Issues

folks, new at this with MAIW.....great site....I can download a package such as the executable.....exactly where do I direct to installation to go, FS9 root or add on scenery....try to add on after each installation and the package doe not show up in add on scenery.....had no proble...