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by stafcom
06 Oct 2019, 14:20
Forum: Retro AI Design
Topic: PAI 747SP model
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Re: PAI 747SP model

by stafcom
09 Sep 2019, 04:44
Forum: JYAI
Topic: RAF Sentinel R1's and USAF E-11A's
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Re: RAF Sentinel R1's and USAF E-11A's

Another 2 operators with the same type, +/- some domes & bits. Turkey AF HAVASOJ & UAE Project Dolphin (who also have the same airframe converted as Globaleye AEW)
by stafcom
23 May 2017, 08:43
Forum: General Projects
Topic: MBAI CH53 series
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Re: MBAI CH53 series

lewis wrote:
22 May 2017, 17:29
Hi. Did you managed to resize it. Still have the initial model you sent me and it was considerably smaller than Rory Kelly's model. Even when compared to the Blackhawks, it looks small.
looks like the S-92....not suggesting anything here :lol:
by stafcom
06 Aug 2015, 12:18
Forum: JYAI
Topic: AI BlackHawk
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Re: AI BlackHawk

Hi John Excellent job on the models! and Thank You to all for your hard work & contributions! I was wondering if you have the variant with the nose radar in the works? It is mostly on the export S-70A versions some examples: Austria: