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Re: Preview of our first MSFS package

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thetford569 wrote: 15 Sep 2023, 17:58 Anyone know if it's possible to use AI Traffic Controller to only inject the Military AI flights? I've been using FSLTL as my injection source because it uses FlightRadar24 for Live Traffic and now the awesome new ATC program that will be coming out "Beyond ATC" has partnered with FSLTL. I'd like to have military traffic along with the FSLTL traffic.

I did something similar in p3d 4 years ago. there was this software called lorby live traffic that I used for p3d that would inject aircraft into the sim as they appear according to live traffic data. When they got close to their destination, the software would hand over control to the simulator so that the aircraft could land and taxi at the airport.

It took data from psxt, which also means that charter and military aircraft were also able to be injected into the sim. Fighter jets cannot be seen on adsb, but the cargo and tankers can. I used aig traffic, and I made sure that lorby live traffic only injected military and charter flights into the sim. That way I could use it alongside the agi traffic.

This made it possible to see the occasional an-124 charter flight, or military cargo plane landing at an airport you happen to be at, just as it's happening in real life.

Unfortunately lorby live traffic doesn't work for msfs due to sdk limitations.
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