FSDS Modeling Tutorial Series: Texturing Basics Part 5

This contains a series of 7 tutorial videos that cover the basics of applying textures to parts and objects in FSDS.
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FSDS Modeling Tutorial Series: Texturing Basics Part 5

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This video is the fifth in our series on texturing. This video focuses on applying textures to several different shapes including a sphere and discusses how to work around the texturing limitations of the program. It also discusses the technique used for polygon texturing which is an important element in working with FSDS.

This video is approximately 40 minutes long.

https://militaryaiworks.com/academy/fsd ... ics-part-5

Please post any questions or comments you may have about this tutorial in this thread.

Note: To follow along with this video you will need to download the sample texture file "Tutorial.bmp" from the second lesson thread in this series. Place this texture file inside your FS9/Texture folder.
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