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LEAB for P3D

Posted: 15 Aug 2019, 20:52
by ARV187
This year I did the converstion from FSX to P3D.
Serve this post also so that there is somewhere to comment on any problem in relation to this scenery

I recognize that 3d modeling and textures are my pending subject. I am currently trying to maintain compatibility with p3d but I have no intention of working on this scenery much more. Puddles when it rains in the future? I would like to, but we'll see.

Version is 1.12
Own spotlights (lights_ss_v2 + are no longer used).
Dynamic lights, compatibility with P3D v4.4.
Changed terrain and grove texture.
PDFs with airport information.

In the next update (1.13) I will try to return the height of the airport to 701meters (I had to put it at 702,100 for a problem with the flatten layer).
The parking of the air refuges will be designated as 141F and 142F, in addition to allowing the rest to be used by other military aircraft, in this way they will not be forced to park in the civil platform.

Coming soon...
Thank you very much Tranquil for repaints, thanks also to MAIW and fsdevelopers community.

Re: LEAB for P3D

Posted: 21 Aug 2019, 19:58
by ARV187
Updated to v.1.13 ... pain-v1-13

In addition, here you can download the EF2000 AI traffic: ... drons-nbai

You can Install AI traffic without mixing files with your P3D root directory.

Extract SAF_ALA14_EF2000_FSX_P3D folder in your existent documents folder: Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\
You must obtain this: Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\SAF_ALA14_EF2000_FSX_P3D
Prepar3D automatically activate the addon when is launched, if not add it manually from addons menu.

Check that add-on.xml contain this in line 25 (the pack currently has added subfolders \World\Scenery\ and does not match with the path of add-on.xml):

Code: Select all

        <Name>EF2000 ALA 14 AI Traffic Files</Name>
You can edit it with notepad or similar. The goal is that Path tag to point to the directory where Traffic_Spain Eurofighter ALA_14_FSX.bgl is located.

Re: LEAB for P3D

Posted: 22 Aug 2019, 19:50
by asdro
Is there a LEAB scenery availible for FS9 with latest updates?

Re: LEAB for P3D

Posted: 22 Aug 2019, 22:02
by ARV187
I started it with fsx, so I don't know if it works for fs9, I would say no.
I no longer use FSX, so I don't know how long it will be compatible, the dynamic lights of course not.
FS9 I guess it's the 2004 version?, it's 15 years, I did not get it. :roll:

Re: LEAB for P3D

Posted: 23 Aug 2019, 08:01
by asdro
Fs9 is Fs2004

Re: LEAB for P3D

Posted: 23 Aug 2019, 09:46
by ARV187
If you want, you can try if version to FSX works with fs9 ... -fsx-spain