FS9 Files Available

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FS9 Files Available

Post by MIKE JG »

I have a ton of FS9 files (both source files and finished files that never got released) that I'm never going to use at this point many of which never got released, I've made the switch to FS2020 and won't be going back at this point.

If you want anything, just email me at: mguenthner@gmail.com and I can send them to you. If you PM me here, I might not see if for months as I don't stop in very often any more.

There are many files that I was a co-creator on so some of them won't be available without asking permission from the other author/s.

All of the F-16 stuff will need Kevin's permission first as an example. Also some of it will need the blessing of the MAIW staff members as well.

But there's a lot of scenery, scenery source files in FSDS and aircraft source files that can still be of use to our dedicated FS9 crowd.

Just let me know what you might want.
-Mike G.

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Re: FS9 Files Available

Post by TheFoufure »


Being always a dinosaur to use the old Flight Sim 9, I am of course interested in all this. Especially the F-16.

Regarding your scenes, wouldn't it be wise to put them all together in a disintegible pack in the hangar?

For planes, what are the availability models?

I recently installed FSDS and try to work on a few models. But I block on the mobile parts. I have to continue working again and again to learn. Then will come the state to learn textures. FSDS sources are therefore interesting for me too.

Thank you for all your work for our virtual aviation world.
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Re: FS9 Files Available

Post by flyboy »

I have everything since MAIW started plus a lot from AVSIM and flightsim. I also use MS2020 and I not going back. Also I have FSX, P3D and XPlane files. They won't be available without asking permission from the other author/s.
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