New Laptop infos

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New Laptop infos

Post by TheFoufure »


I need to change my old laptop very soon.

I find a new one with this configuration :

Processor : Intel Core i7 (11800 H) Quad Core - Tiger Lake U - 24Mo
RAM : 16 Go (2X8Go)
SSD : 512 Go
Graphic Card Chipset : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 (8Go RAM)
Screen : 17.3 i Full HD (1080) 144Hz
Windows 11

Is this laptop ready for FSX or P3D or MSFS20 ?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: New Laptop infos

Post by Firebird »

What I would say straight away is that 16GB of RAM will run MSFS quite happily. It has to be said that it is probably better for a laptop than a desktop for this reason. MSFS will run with that but if you run other things at the same time you can quite easily get into a situation were graphics are being paged out. If you are running MSFS on a laptop then the chances are that MSFS will be the only thing running, so it will be OK.

However, 512GB of disk space is not going to be anywhere near enough.
The current version of MSFS with all of the World Updates takes up 219GB on its own. If you are going to use addons it can very quickly escalate. For example my addons come to 439GB! This does not include any mesh addons.
I have a 1TB nvme drive purely for MSFS. Never mind the OS or anything else.

Graphically the 3070 would be sufficient for MSFS but do not think that you can just max out all the settings and be getting great fps. The key thing is how much RAM the GPU has. The more the better. Most users are realistic enough to know that if they can get 30 fps in game in any weather and location then you have done well. The game is smooth at 30 fps.

FSX will run great on that spec. P3D I do not have but I would suspect that it would be good enough.

In reality, I would suggest that unless you absolutely need a laptop I would spend the same amount of money on a PC and you can get a better spec and have a better experience. This is IF you are thinking about MSFS.

One final thing, MSFS relies on a fast stable broadband connection. That is imperative if whether you have a laptop or a PC. It is no good having the flexibility to have MSFS on a laptop if you take it to somewhere with a slow or metered connection.
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Re: New Laptop infos

Post by TimC340 »

Like MSFS, P3D needs a pretty beefy computer if you have any significant addons (and you need them if you want it to look good!). Also like MSFS, 512Gb is not enough if it's your only drive. My P3D content alone is over 600Gb (most of that is Orbx) whereas my MSFS, which is fairly vanilla, is about 140Gb.

The mobile 3070 is OK, but not really comparable to the desktop version - there simply isn't the cooling to let it work at its potential. I would guess that it will run MSFS, but your frame rate is likely to be limited to 20-30fps. P3D will be a little better, FSX will mostly be fine, but as a 32-bit program it will run out of addressable memory quickly if you have a lot of addons.
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