EGUL Traffic - P3D v3

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EGUL Traffic - P3D v3

Post by madridspotter »

Hello everyone!

I'm new to MAIW, and this is my first post here :)

I downloaded the Lakenheath scenary on the library, but I am unable to get any F15 traffic (as shown on the images on the download page).

Can anyone help me with a tutorial?

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Re: EGUL Traffic - P3D v3

Post by Ripcord »

EGUL should work pretty well right out of the box.

Is that you don't have the F15 traffic showing up, or are you missing any/all AI traffic? Is there is no AI at all, then I would guess that an FS9 traffic file has managed to sneak in there.
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Re: EGUL Traffic - P3D v3

Post by btaylo24 »

P3D/FSX flight files, using John's F15 and HH60.
Traffic_MAIW RAF LAKENHEATH 48th Wing_FSX.bgl
(170.81 KiB) Downloaded 75 times
(2.58 KiB) Downloaded 72 times
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Re: EGUL Traffic - P3D v3

Post by ubowi »

Hi, i´m a newby in AI matters.

Just downloaded the RAF Lakenheath EGUL V2.0 sceneryI.
Flying with FSX (Steam) i moved the scenery and texture folders to the Addon Scenery folder as said in the readme.

The airbase is wonderful, but shows no aircraft at all. The readme brings no further help for this item.

I have some other (mostly US) sceneries, which use MAIW aircraft, published by known autors as Don Grovestine a. o..
These installed with installing the package without using an extra AI planner. AI and static aircraft came within an extra folders to move `m in the sim objects aircraft folder.

Reading the other post from btaylo24 here before I then downloaded the two traffic folders RAF Lakenheath 48th Wign_FSX.bgl and
... HH60_FSX.bgl. and moved them in the Lakenheath scenery folder.

No success, lots of small aircraft equipment show up but no aircraft. I think, because they are are not in the sim objects aircraft folder.

Where are the AI aicraft sim objects and how can I move the AI aircraft files into the sim objects folder?

Is there a complete to do instruction to learn it?
Sorry when I ask questions with a solution in earlier discussions

Thanks, any help is welcome
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Re: EGUL Traffic - P3D v3

Post by TimC340 »

You need to find the aircraft and install them in the sim. The F-15E, for instance is here: ... -f-15e-fsx This file only includes a few Lakenheath paints, but it will get you started. Download and extract the folder, which will include a 'readme' file and a Manual .pdf both of which include installation instructions.

The post above yours includes two traffic files. One of them is for the F-15Es of the 48th TFW at Lakenheath, and this needs to be installed in \scenery\world\scenery. The 48th Wing file has already been coded for the JYAI F-15E in the first paragraph.

Once you've completed this exercise you will have a basic understanding of how to install 3rd-party traffic into FSX:SE. It's actually very easy! You can then search for and install the other types at EGUL (F-35, HH-60) in your own time. The Download Hangar here includes enormous numbers of aircraft, bases and repaints; sufficient to equip most of the world's military air arms, and covering several periods.
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Re: EGUL Traffic - P3D v3

Post by TheFoufure »

btaylo24 wrote: 14 Feb 2017, 08:18 P3D/FSX flight files, using John's F15 and HH60.
In real life, the H60 are now at Aviano with code AV
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