A few Retro Repaints

Here you can search for, request or display your military AI repaints for others to enjoy.
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A few Retro Repaints

Post by Delboy99 »

Inspired by John Youngs upcoming Westland Wessex packages, I've gone back through my hard drive and finished off some unfinished repaints and have uploaded them to the site. Please bear with the team until they are uploaded.

First I have uploaded repaints and flight plans for the Jet Provost T4s operated by the Central Air Traffic Control school at RAF Shawbury. These are for both FSX and FS9 and use John Youngs Jet Provost model. This adds some fixed wing traffic to go with Johns Gazelles and Wessex's at Shawbury.

ImageXS177 by Derek Taylor, on Flickr

ImageCATCS by Derek Taylor, on Flickr

Secondly I have uploaded some repaints and flight plans for the Westland Wasps of 829 NAS for Sean Galbraith's Wasp Model. With John talking about a Portland scenery I thought I should finish these as they were based at Portland, and I have them flying into Yeovilton and Culdrose amongst other places.

Image607 by Derek Taylor, on Flickr

Image435 by Derek Taylor, on Flickr

Hopefully I should have a few more to upload over the next few days and weeks if any one is interested.
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Re: A few Retro Repaints

Post by delbydoo »

Just shows how long I've been away - didn't even know the JP's existed! Thanks for those Derek :)
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