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LIRM Grazzanise

Let's hear all about the eye candy at those military bases.
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MAIW Developer
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Re: LIRM Grazzanise

Post by bismarck »

petebramley wrote: 19 Jun 2021, 12:12 I have converted LIRM to P3Dv4 for personal use and updated the MATRIX version of LIPC with pushback stoppers and a couple of other minor updates. If Giorgio & Tim are happy will post to the forums in the next couple of days once I have fully checked them.
The AW101 is another outstanding Model by John.

No problem for me.
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Re: LIRM Grazzanise

Post by petebramley »

Here is a P3Dv4 conversion of Giorgio's HH-101 Scenery and plans to gt the JYAI Merlin flying in Italy. Many thanks to Gorgio for allowing me to update his scenery/Plans.

Any problems, give me a shout

(54.21 KiB) Downloaded 23 times
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