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LKTB Help !!!

Let's hear all about the eye candy at those military bases.
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LKTB Help !!!

Post by Mariuszp »

Welcome !

I have a request if any of you can help me and convert two files to the LKTB scenery because I have a problem in FSX. Steam closes the window while loading the scenery. In normal FSX it works fine and in FSX Steam it does not work. Please solve the problem. I am attaching two downloads. Best Regards Mariusz
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Re: LKTB Help !!!

Post by petebramley »

These appear to be created for P3Dv4 only and unfortunately will probably not be compatible with FSX. There are a couple of LKTB Sceneries on Avsim which may be more suitable. Where did these files come from ??
Pete B
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