Hi and welcome to Military AI Works! We are a loosely affiliated, international group of flightsim enthusiasts who share the common goal of seeing realistic military AI traffic in Flight Simulator.

MAIW promotes new freeware military AI models, scenery and products for the advancement of military AI modeling of countries around the globe. Our team of developers have also produced hundreds of complete AI traffic packages over the years.

Navy Jacksonville Seahawks

13 Sep 2015 Greg
After months of relative silence, MAIW is proud to finally present our next complete military AI traffic package: Navy Jacksonville Seahawks produced by MAIW and put together by Desmond Burrell.
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Quo Vadis, MAIW?

20 Aug 2015 Greg
A survey was held in April 2015 containing nineteen questions for the community, asking about their current use of MAIW packages and how they would like MAIW to evolve. The goal was to help the MAIW staff decide on the future direction. The final report is presented here. Alternatively, you can…
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New Website

20 Aug 2015 Greg
We are proud to present our completely new website! The new site will allow us to inform you even better and enables a ton of new exciting features.
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Miljan Korać Breguet Atlantique II

30 Mar 2015 Greg
Miljan Korać, one of our talented scenery and AI aircraft model designers, presents you the Breguet Atlantique II.
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Nick Black A400M

08 Feb 2015 MIKE JG
Military AI Works presents the Airbus A400M by Nick Black.
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Pascal Suls C-5M Super Galaxy

30 Jan 2015 MIKE JG
Military AI Works is proud to present the C-5M Super Galaxy AI model by Pascal Suls.
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Italian 36° Stormo Typhoons

27 Dec 2014 Greg
The next trip in our line of Aeronautica Militare Italiana packages brings us to Gioia del Colle, home base of the 36° Stormo Eurofighter Typhoons.
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RAF Odiham Vigilants

27 Dec 2014 Greg
This small AI package, produced by Gary Barker and MAIW contains everything needed to activate Air Cadet 618 VGS Vigilant T.1 motor gliders at RAF Odiham.
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Italian AMX

05 Sep 2014 Greg
We are very excited to present you our latest package by Giorgio Perotti featuring the AMX of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana based at Istrana and Amendola.
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Italian 37° Stormo Typhoons

19 Aug 2014 Greg
Our next release is the first in a line of Aeronautica Militare Italiana packages. Giacomo Gramazio and the MAIW Team bring you the Typhoons of 37° Stormo.
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Minot AFB

12 Jul 2014 Greg
Military AI Works presents you Minot AFB, our second package featuring the legendary B-52 Stratofortress, produced by Desmond Burrell.
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Hellenic Air Force Transports: Elefsis

15 Jun 2014 Greg
Next stop on our trip through Greece is Elefsis Air Base, home of the 112th Combat Wing with a diverse inventory of transport aircraft.
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Barksdale Air Force Base

01 Jun 2014 Greg
Spreading your holiday cheer this year with a model that has been long awaited, we bring you the mighty B-52 and Barksdale AFB for your virtual skies!
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French Puma AI Model

01 Jun 2014 Greg
A special release from the team of Miljan Korac, Nick Black and Michael MacIntyre, they bring you the SA330B Puma model with several variants included.
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IDF Part 6 - Tel Nof Air Base

01 Jun 2014 Greg
To kick off 2014 MAIW presents part 6 of our series covering the air forces of the Israeli Defense Forces by Giorgio Perotti featuring Tel Nof Air Base.
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