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03Apr15 - Quo vadis, MAIW?

In the nine years since MAIW was created, a lot has changed in our little community. New simulators were released. People come and go. In all those years we kept doing what we do best: create full scale military AI packages for FS2004. But are we still relevant? Is the community still expecting the same as they expected nine years ago from us? Is it time for change and if so, where do we go? Quo vadis, MAIW?

Help us shape our future. We only need ten minutes of your time.

The survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

30Mar15 - New Model: Miljan Korac: Breguet Atlantique II

NBAI A400M 1 The Breguet Br.1150 Atlantic is a long-range maritime patrol aircraft designed and manufactured by Breguet Aviation. Introduced to service in 1965, it has been operated by several NATO countries, commonly performing maritime roles such as reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare. The Atlantic is also capable of carrying air-to-ground missiles, and some German Navy aircraft were also equipped to perform ELINT duties. An updated version, the Atlantique 2 or ATL2, was produced by Dassault Aviation for the French Navy in the 1980s.

Miljan has created the Atlantique II version used by the French Navy for this release. He plans to produce the earlier Atlantique I version as his time permits. Miljan's model includes textures for twenty-three aircraft of the Marine Nationale along with dynamic animations. Model and textures by Miljan Korac with flight dynamics by Steve Holland.

The model can be downloaded from inside our MAIW Contributors Hangar Forum.

08Feb15 - New Model: Nick Black A400M

Military AI Works presents the Airbus A400M by Nick Black.

NBAI A400M 1 The Airbus A400M Atlas is a multi-national four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. It was designed by Airbus Military as a tactical airlifter with strategic capabilities to replace older transport aircraft, such as the Transall C-160 and the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules. The A400M can perform multiple mission roles including transportation, electronic surveillance and aerial refuelling.

This is verion 1 of this AI model for FS9 with updated versions of the model to follow. Model by Nick Black and Military AI Works, textures by Mark Walsh and Nick Black and flight dynamics by Mike MacIntyre.

The model can be downloaded from inside our MAIW Contributors Hangar Forum.

30Jan15 - New Model: Pascal Suls C-5M Super Galaxy

Military AI Works is proud to present the C-5M Super Galaxy AI model by Pascal Suls.

PSAI C-5M 1The C-5M is an upgraded version of the legacy USAF C-5 Galaxy with new engines and modernized avionics. This new AI model comes with two model versions and textures for twenty-three of the C-5M's currently in service with the USAF.

Model by Pascal Suls and MAIW, textures by Mark Walsh, Graham King and Pascal Suls and flight dynamics by Michael MacIntyre. Add the Super Galaxy to your AI world today! The model can be downloaded from inside our MAIW Contributors Hangar Forum.

27Dec14 - New Package: Italian 36° Stormo Typhoons

Roundel ItalyThe next trip in our line of Aeronautica Militare Italiana packages brings us to Gioia del Colle, home base of the 36° Stormo Eurofighter Typhoons.

36 Stormo Screenshot 1Gioia del Colle (LIBV) is located in the province of Bari, Apulia, Italy. The base played a pivotal role in World War II and has also served as a Forward Operating Base for allied forces in more recent conflicts, such as the 2011 conflict in Libya when RAF Tornadoes deployed here.

This complete AI package, procduced by Giacomo Gramazio, contains Nick Black's Eurofighter Typhoon together with a full scenery for the airbase, flightplans, VCP files and everything else you come to expect from an MAIW package. Enjoy!

27Dec14 - New Package: RAF Odiham Vigilants

Roundel United KingdomThis small AI package, produced by Gary Barker and MAIW contains everything needed to activate Air Cadet 618 VGS Vigilant T.1 motor gliders at RAF Odiham.

Odiham Screenshot 1This package is issued to compliment the superb scenery for RAF Odiham produced by Brian Clarke and Daryl Payne and the original RAF Chinook package by MAIW. Make sure you have these installed before you install this package and follow the readme instructions included in this and Brian's package carefully!

05Sep14 - New Package: Italian AMX

Roundel ItalyWe are very excited to present you our latest package by Giorgio Perotti featuring the AMX of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana based at Istrana and Amendola.

AMX Screenshot 1At present, two Italian wings have the AMX in service: the 51st Wing based at Istrana in the North-East of Italy, and the 32nd Wing based at Amendola in Italy’s “heel” in Apulia. At Istrana there are two groups flying the AMX: the 103rd Gruppo CB and the 132nd Gruppo CBR. At Amendola just one group is currently on active duty: the 101st Gruppo OCU. All these unites come to life thanks to the brand new Alenia/Embraer AMX Ghibli model from Michael Pearson which makes its first appearance here.

AMX Screenshot 2As a bonus, we have also included the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper operated by the 28th Gruppo VT out of Amendola. These models by Mike JG made their first stand-alone appearance in one of our holiday releases, but are now for the first time included in a complete MAIW package.

We hope you will enjoy this exciting new complete military AI package. More traffic to fill your Italian skies is coming your way soon!

19Aug14 - New Package: Italian 37° Stormo Typhoons

Roundel ItalyOur next release is the first in a line of Aeronautica Militare Italiana packages. Giacomo Gramazio and the MAIW Team bring you the Typhoons of 37° Stormo.

Trapani Screenshot 1The 18th Group belongs to the Italian Air Force's 37th Squadron, and its mission is to provide protection of the national territory from ground and sea attacks along with the other armed forces from its base at Trapani-Birgi (LICT). The squadron flew the F‑104 and the F‑16, and operates the Eurofighter Typhoon since 2012.

As usual this package contains AI models, repaints, flightplans and custom call signs for this unit, together with a semi-custom scenery of Trapani-Birgi bringing this mixed military/civilian airfield to life.

12Jul14 - New Package: Minot AFB

Roundel USAMilitary AI Works presents you Minot AFB, our second package featuring the legendary B-52 Stratofortress, produced by Desmond Burrell.

Minot Screenshot 1This complete AI package again features the B-52H model by the team of Mike Pearson, Jake Burrus and Mike MacIntyre, accurate aircraft textures by Mike Pearson and a stunning recreation of Minot AFB by John Stinstrom, all bringing this important strategic base to life.

Minot AFB is the home of the 5th Bomb Wing and hosts 23rd and 69th Bomb Squadron, both flying the B-52.

15Jun14 - New Package: HAF Transports - Elefsis

Roundel GreeceNext stop on our trip through Greece is Elefsis Air Base, home of the 112th Combat Wing with a diverse inventory of transport aircraft.

Elefsis Screenshot 1Many months of hard work by Gary Barker and his team have gone into the "Hellenic Air Force Transports - Elefsis" package, depicting the fixed wing aircraft of the 112th namely the C-130, CL-215, C-27J, ERJ-135, P-3B and YS-11. Our gratitude goes to all the modelers and painters who allowed us to use their work.

Elefsis Screenshot 2But that is not all. Scenery modeler Tim Mayhew made quite a few custom scenery models to bring Elefsis Air Base to life, which provides the perfect setting for this transport unit. As always, flightplans and vcpmod callsigns make this package complete. Download it now!