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Scenery - Simple sceneries of hard to find air bases, pt.9: Var Scenery - Simple sceneries of hard to find air bases, pt.9: Various

Not tested in FSX, but may work. Americas: MNMR Montelimar, Nicaragua. 1MCP Alberto Acuna Ongay Heli overlay, 1MAA Icacos Naval Base 3 Heliport, 1MLC Lazaro Cardenas Naval Heliport, Mexico. Asia: Daqing Heliport, Z08T Dajiaochang, ZGLG Lingling/Yongzhou, ZGNT Shenzhen/Nantou, ZLGM Golmud, ZUYB Yibin/Wuliangye, ZY1U Fengcheng Shi, Dongyang, Dushanzhen, Huangdicun, Ningxiang, Shuimen, Triton Island, Sanya/Yaxian, China. OP21 Vehari, OP22 Rajanpur/Fareed, OPMK Singhri/Mirpur Khas, OPTH Talhar, Pakistan. RCDC Pingtung South, RCSQ Pingtung North, RCCM Qimei/Chi Mei, Taiwan. Africa: DAOY El Bayadh, Algeria. Europe: EBSL Zutendaal, Belgium. EGQB Shackleton Barracks/Ballykelly, N.Ireland. ENFY Vest-Telemark/Fyresdal, Norway. ETHB Buckeburg, Germany. EPBO Borsk, EPNM Nowe Miasto nad Pilica, Poland. ESQP Berga Navy Heliport, Sweden. Oceania YGNB Glenbrook, Australia See notes on the forum - , where untested FS9 versions are posted.

Created 10 December 2023
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